Боди и купальники Lavarice

Сare and recommendations

Dear customers, we ask you to follow these recommendations, then the product will last you for a long time.

Care for the beach collection

  • - Hand wash up to 40°
  • - Do not iron
  • - Drying only in the shade

Care for the seamless collection

  • - Hand or machine wash in a bag up to 40°
  • - Delicate drying
  • - Do not iron

Avoid friction with rough surfaces. Before putting on the product, remove the rings and chains that can catch the weave. It is not recommended to use powder cleaners If a clue appears, follow the link and find out how to remove it quickly.

Clothing care

  • - Hand or machine gentle wash up to 30°
  • - Spin up to 600 rpm
  • - Dry in the unfolded form
  • - Dry cleaning

Iron or steam from the inside at medium temperatures. Avoid contact of the logo with any hot surfaces. It is not recommended to use powder cleaners. Avoid friction with surfaces that can catch the fabric. If peeling is formed, gently remove it with a typewriter.

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